The 11 Healthiest Cat Breeds

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If you are looking to adopt a cat, firstly, congratulations! Your new furry friend will bring you endless happiness. When getting a cat, knowing and understanding the potential health risks associated with each cat breed is important. While all cats are at risk of illness and/or disease, there are some breeds that are considered “healthier” than others.

Here are the 11 healthiest cat breeds: 

The ragamuffin is known for their social demeanor.


The breed Ragamuffin is known for being very social and loving to interact with people. They are also known for their friendly personalities and thick fur. They often have coats that are blue, brown tabby with white, tortoiseshell, and mink. Ragamuffins can also be considered one of the healthiest cat breeds, living up to 13 years of age on average. Although Ragamuffins are more genetically prone to heart or kidney disease, they live a full and healthy life compared to some other breeds. 

Russian Blues often have lower chances of getting sick.

Russian Blue

Like all animals, cats are at risk of developing health issues, but Russian Blues tend to have lower chances of serious medical issues occurring. This is because they do not carry any common genetic disorders. The most common health concern regarding Russian Blue cats is bladder stones. Russian Blues have a life expectancy of over 13 years of age, ultimately guaranteeing a long and happy life.

Savannah cats are not prone to dangerous medical conditions.


Savannah cats are considered to be a fairly new breed. They descended from African Servals and officially became a new breed in the year of 2012. They often have coats that are brown, black, or silver. Overall the Savannah breed is very healthy and not prone to any dangerous diseases. Because Savannah cats are still so new, researchers are still learning more about them.

Bombay cats are know for their strength.


Bombay cats are known for being very muscular and tend to have a lot of strength and energy. They have black coats with either gold or copper eyes. Bombay cats are prone to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, the most common form of heart disease in cats. Despite being prone to heart disease, Bombay cats are normally very healthy and lively creatures, with 10-13 years of life spans.  

American Shorthair cats are considered healthy with their long life expectancy.

American Shorthair

American Shorthair cats are a very popular breed among families that are looking for a loving pet. They are very famous for their brown and grey tabby coats, but they also come in a variety of other patterns and colors. Like most cats, American Shorthairs are prone to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Although American Shorthair cats are prone to heart disease, they are considered a healthy breed with an average life expectancy of 11-13 years.

British Shorthair cats are considered to be fairly healthy.

British Shorthair 

British Shorthair cats are considered to be a fairly healthy breed. While that is the case, they are prone to hemophilia B, which is why it is highly important to get a DNA test done. A DNA test will easily spot if hemophilia B is present, making it a necessary, routine test to give your cat. It is also important to keep an eye on your British Shorthair’s weight because this will help them stay happy and healthy.

Egyptian Mau

The term Egyptian Mau would suggest that this cat breed is from Egypt, but surprisingly it’s not. Regardless of where it originates from, it’d be helpful to know that the Egyptian Mau doesn’t have any health issues that are specific to its breed. So, in general, it doesn’t have a predisposition to any ailment, but of course, individual cases may vary based on diet and other factors. Overall it would make a great pet because of fewer health issues.

Havana Brown

The Havana Brown makes for another desirable cat breed. It’s a friendly and healthy breed that makes for a wonderful pet. Its easy adaptability also makes it a good companion to take along wherever you go. It loves to spend time with the people it loves, and above all, it has a genetic predilection to a long and healthy life.


The Korat is a gorgeous cat breed that is known for its several positive characteristics. It looks great, is prone to good health, and doesn’t mind travel! Sound like a win-win? It sure is. It’s said that if this cat is trained well, you can take it with you on trips. While that may or may not be the case, trips or no trips, you won’t regret keeping it as a pet.

Turkish Van 

The Turkish Van is a breed that is not commonly known. But it’s one that tends to enjoy ample good health. Plus, it’s a beautiful, congenial breed, getting along with almost everybody. Any family would love to have a pet like this as it’s quite happy to live with families in any environment.


The Singapura is a sweet cat breed that is known to live a long life. It’s a healthy breed that also likes attention. Don’t worry; it’s undoubtedly independent, but it tends to follow its owner. It also likes to make noise. If you want a cat that will become a part of your life, get the Singapura.

No matter which breeds of cat you decide to adopt, naturally, you’d want them to enjoy a long life – that is at least close to their life expectancy or greater – and above all, enjoy good health throughout their life span. And while some cats have a predisposition to certain ailments, owing to their genetic makeup, remember that a good diet, exercise or active lifestyle, high-quality health care, and environmental factors can also help enhance their physical and mental well-being.

To ensure your cat is well cared for and to increase their longevity, owners should feed their pets wholesome and nutritious meals that meet daily nutritional requirements. In addition, taking them to the veterinarian for regular or at least annual health checkups is essential as it can help detect illnesses before they become severe or untreatable. Plus, it’d be beneficial to keep their weight in check and help them maintain an active lifestyle so they enjoy overall good health. It’s also wise to allow access to the outdoors only when they’re being monitored or supervised to avoid accidents or injuries resulting from fights with other animals.

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