How to help a disabled cat


Help with Disabled Cats

By Ivan Young on April 13, 2022

Caring for disabled cats can be a rewarding experience. Too often special needs felines are ignored by potential adopters at shelters, so you may actually be saving an animal’s life by choosing to take it under your care when others don’t. In addition, taking care of disabled cats can teach owners patience and compassion.

Some cats are born with conditions that require special care, while others get sick or injured, resulting in lifelong disabilities. There are certainly general care tips that apply across all areas of need. You may need in a variety of instances to deal with incontinence, for example, which may mean using diapers for your cat or helping them to the litter box. You might also have to help your cat groom or assist them with eating. And almost all disabilities will require patience. But some special needs require specific forms of care, so it is perhaps useful to consider the more common types of needs and the care tips specific to them.

Missing or injured limbs

Feline cerebellar hypoplasia

Deaf Cats

Blind Cats

Here is a simple guide to know how often you should bring your cat to the vet.

Ivan Young is a writer in partnership with pet mobility specialists, Walkin’ Pets. 

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