Accident only plan

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The Accident Only Plan

Peace of mind for as low as 25 cents per day. No breed or age limits, just exceptional support, digital claims submission, and transparent pricing.

Accident Only

Finally, pet insurance for every pet and every budget.

Protecting your pet doesn’t have to come with a high cost. This affordable plan will cover the cost of emergency vet care in the case of an accidental injury.

With a low fixed price, our Accident Only plan is a great option for first-time pet owners, budgetconscious pet owners, and pets with pre-existing conditions.

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our coverage

We have your peace of mind covered.

While you can’t avoid future accidents, you can get reimbursed for them with an Accident Only pet insurance plan.

What’s covered?


Broken bones, sprains, eye injuries, traumatic dental fractures


Bite wounds, lacerations, snake bites, bee stings

Veterinary Treatments*

X-Ray & Ultrasounds, Laboratory Tests, Emergency Care, Hospitalization, CT Scan & MRI, Surgery

*for accidental injuries

What’s not covered?

Illnesses, diseases, and specific conditions

Breed-specific health issues or illnesses, congenital conditions, chronic conditions, dental Illness.

Specific Injuries

Pre-existing injuries, cruciate ligament events, or Injuries due to behavioral conditions or intentional acts

Preventative Care

Routine or wellness care such as checkups, vaccinations, spay/neuter, microchipping or teething cleaning.

Want a more detailed view? Take a look at a SAMPLE ACCIDENT ONLY POLICY

Need more coverage?

An Injury & Illness plan will provide your pet with more significant coverage benefits.

cover amounts

We’ll be there when your pet is unexpectedly injured.

Odie’s Accident-Only plan reimburses you for up to $10,000 each year. You pay a $250 deductible once a year and are reimbursed up to 90% of your veterinary bills.


Annual Limit




Annual Deductible


We’ll show you how affordable pet insurance can be.

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Let us break it down

Understand the Terms

Pet insurance can be confusing. We’re here to help you understand what you’re signing up for.

A pre-existing condition is any condition that was diagnosed before the policy started or during the waiting periods. This includes any condition for which a veterinarian provided medical advice, the pet received treatment for, or the pet displayed signs or symptoms consistent with the stated condition.

How pre-existing conditions work

If your pet is already injured or ill before a policy is purchased or during the policy’s waiting periods, that condition will not qualify for coverage by any pet insurance provider. The good news is your pet will be covered for any future, non-related injuries or illnesses under your pet’s policy.

The waiting period is the time between when your policy starts and when coverage begins. Waiting periods vary based on the type of coverage in your policy.

What are my waiting periods?

The below waiting periods begin from the policy effective date and can be viewed on the declarations page of your policy document.

  • Accidental Injuries: 3 days
  • Illnesses: 14 days
  • Cruciate Ligament Events: 6 months

How waiting periods work

If your pet gets hurt, sick, or suffers a ligament injury during the applicable waiting period, that condition will not be covered and will be considered a pre-existing condition since it occurred before the coverage start date. The waiting periods reduce fraudulent claims and keep premiums at an affordable rate.

The annual limit is the maximum amount that the policy will pay in any annual term.

How annual limits work

Let’s say you selected a plan with a $10,000 annual limit. That means Odie will cover up to $10k in eligible claims within one policy year and will reset on the policy anniversary date.

The co-insurance is the amount you pay out of pocket for before the application of your chosen deductible.

How co-insurance works

As an example, let’s say you selected a plan with a 90% reimbursement. Odie will reimburse up to 90% of all eligible charges, leaving you with only 10% out of pocket.

The annual deductible is the amount you pay out of pocket towards the cost of veterinary treatment, after your co-insurance has been applied. Your deductible will reset on the policy anniversary date.

How annual deductibles work

Let’s say you selected a $250 annual deductible. This is the amount you will pay out of pocket before your plan begins to reimburse you. Once you’ve hit your plan’s deductible, you won’t have to pay it again until your policy renews.