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Different Ways Your Pet Shows They Love You

By Odie Blog Editors on April 4, 2022

Humans view love as an abstract emotion that’s very complex. Pets can also show feelings of love and affection toward their owner, although it may look different. Even though our pets show their love and affection in different ways, it doesn’t mean they love us any less. When a pet displays its love for you, it’s always unconditional, authentic, and everlasting. 

While some of the ways our pets show us their love is very obvious, other times it can be very subtle. It’s important to know your pets’ signs of love so you can identify them and give your furry friend some extra love in those moments. 

Tail Wagging

A wagging tail can mean multiple things, but if you have a good relationship with your pet it’s safe to assume that your furry friend is overjoyed to be in your presence. When your pet’s tail is held over the right side of their body, it means they’re extremely comfortable around you.


It’s a natural canine behavior to lick the face of the person they see as their leader, so this is definitely a sign of their love and affection. Grooming another dog or human family member is seen as an intimate act and further strengthens your bond. Other dogs express their love by gently bumping you with their nose. This is them asking you to interact with them.  


Cuddling can be just as important to our furry friends as it is to us. If your pet prefers to lay right by your side, this is a sign of their affection. Some dogs like to lay their head against your foot while others like to rest their head on your knee. It’s important to not push your pet away when they are trying to express their love through cuddling. This is a great way to strengthen your bond.


Roughhousing with your dog is a great way to work off some energy and is a sign of affection. When dogs are playing and having fun, they tend to have a breathy laugh, especially when they’re playing with someone they care about. Although roughhousing can be fun, it can also get out of hand very easily. It’s important to teach your pet how to play properly.

Chewing Your Things

Chewing may not seem like a sign of your pet’s love and affection, but it is. Your pet feels happy and safe knowing that they’re in an environment that’s covered in your scent. If your pet starts to chew on a pair of your socks or a t-shirt, this is they’re way of being close to you. 

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