6 Fun Things to Do with Your Pet This Winter

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Home & Lifestyle

Winter is officially here – and with that comes along the cold weather. With that in mind, this does not mean that you and your pet will have to put an end to your outdoor adventures. In fact, it is a good opportunity for pet parents to bond and snuggle up with their furry “children.”  You will need to be more selective about your destinations so that both of you may have the time of your lives.

Here are 6 ideas to take the winter world by the reins together with your pet.

#1 Take a Day Trip 

During the winter, staying indoors or in the same town can bring up feelings of cabin fever and some major zoomies. Give yourself and your dog a dash of freedom and hit the road.

Perhaps there is a neighboring city that has a beautiful light display – or maybe one with stunning architecture in which snow makes it look like a winter wonderland. Roll down the windows of the car and simply be dazzled, or hop out and do a mini photoshoot. After that, head to a pet-friendly pub where you can take a relaxing break, and your pup can get a ton of belly rubs. We promise both you and your pet will enjoy this in favor of your usual walk.

Walking outside in the snow can make your dog enjoy their walks more than they already do.

#2 Consider Glamping

You might think that it is too cold right now to go camping, but with the right set up it can be the adventure you and your pup need. With a good tent heater, you can create a comfy space for you to sleep warm and snuggly in. Just ensure you have good equipment, such as a tent that can contain warmth. You might also consider renting out a hut in a camping area if sleeping on the ground is not exactly your thing.

Throw in a couple of fluffy blankets and socks, and you will be very comfortable. Plus, you’ll be able to snuggle with your natural heater – your pet, who surely won’t mind the love and warmth. If you don’t want to bring all the equipment with you, there is always the option to go on Airbnb and rent a picturesque and warm hut.

#3 Take a Scenic Drive

Does your pet love traveling with you by car? Perhaps you have a dog that likes to stick its tongue out the window or a cat that likes to rest on the dashboard of a car. You may take many routes to reap the most out of the winter beauties. For instance, the Dalton Highway in Alaska is particularly beautiful during winter, as it might give you a peek at the Northern Lights. You may even sleep in a warm igloo if you want to stay there with your pet.  

You’ll want to enjoy your travel time with your pet without any stress. Make sure you do your research on the condition of the roads and, bring along some recovery gear such as extra water, food/snacks, and a towel to dry off your dog if they play in the snow. As long as you are prepared, every winter road trip with your pet should be a joy. 

#4 Give Skijoring a Shot

If you have a medium to large dog that loves to run, give Skijoring a try! It’s a great mix between cross-country skiing and dog sledding, without the reins and double the fun.  All you need is a pair of cross-country skis and a complete skijoring system (dog harness, hip belt, and a towline). Simply hook the harness to your pet and give it a go. Your dog will be able to run to its heart’s content, and you’ll be able to enjoy yourself skiing while watching them have a blast. Just make sure the slope you choose is not too steep to prevent any falling incidents.

Skijoring with your dog will give both pet and owner the fun experience of skiing.

#5 Try Snowshoeing

If you don’t want to specifically go camping but would still like to enjoy some outdoorsy time with your pet, you may want to try winter snowshoeing. It’s a good way to give both of you a good physical workout. Just make sure that you are going on a pet-friendly route and that you keep their limits in mind. 

Snowshoeing will bring both of you closer to nature, and they’ll surely love the workout as you are climbing. You can rely on each other as you are snowshoeing – your compass and their nose. Just remember to protect your dog’s paws by trimming the fur between their toes and rubbing a protectant balm on their foot pads to reduce the chance of frostbite or sores.

#6 Take a Trip to Warmer Areas

If you are not fans of snow and cold weather, then you may want to go on a bigger overlanding trip to a warmer area. Arizona is fairly pleasant in winter; all you’ll need is a spring or fall jacket. Or, if you want to escape the cold entirely, then you may want to try Florida. You can easily catch a warm day at 82 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. The average winter temperature is 75 degrees, making it perfect for beach time for you and your pet. 

The good part about this type of activity is that you’ll be overlanding through the seasons. If you live north, you will be able to watch the seasons change every day as you travel with your pet. You may choose pet-friendly accommodations or go camping – whichever option is best for you. Once there, both of you can enjoy what the warmer weather has to offer.

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