5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

by | Jul 9, 2021 | Home & Pet Lifestyle

Our dogs are part of our family, which means that when it’s their birthday, they deserve a proper celebration too! While it may seem silly to celebrate your dog’s birthday, it can be a fun way of spending some extra quality time with them and makes for great memories. There are tons of cheap and easy ways to celebrate your dog’s big day that’ll have you making their birthday celebration a set yearly tradition. To help you out, we’ve put together 5 fun ways to celebrate your pet’s birthday!

Host a Doggie Birthday Party 

What better way to celebrate a birthday than to have your closest friends over! Most pets love to socialize with other dogs, making a doggie party a fun way to celebrate their big day. We suggest either purchasing or making treats to give out to all of the birthday attendees, with one being bigger and better than the rest for the special birthday pup! 

Take a Trip to the Pet Store

Take a special trip to your local pet store with your furry friend. Let your grip on the leash get a little looser and let them sniff, sniff, and sniff! While doing so, your dog will likely find a toy or special treat that they’re interested in, which you can then buy as a present. After you return home from the store, give your dog the present and let them enjoy every last bit of it!

Park Day 

Most dogs love to take trips to the local dog park. Not only can they socialize with other dogs, but they also get to go off lease! Let your pup run free and enjoy the company of all the different types of dogs for their birthday. Bring along a ball to make sure you can get in some quality fetch time as well!

Make a Something Special

There’s nothing more a dog loves than a good treat. For their birthday, show them some extra love by making a special treat or variety of treats for them. While this may sound like a daunting task, there are tons of easy, simple, and even healthy recipes for dog treats online that you can make for your pup. Not only will you have treats for the day of, but you’ll likely have some leftover for the future!

Let Them Unwrap a Present

There’s nothing like getting a wrapped birthday present that you’re then able to rip apart when opening. Give your dogs the opportunity to have some fun with unwrapping by wrapping a toy or treat loosely with some paper. Make sure to wrap it loosely because it’ll make it easier for them to unwrap and smell, giving them an incentive to really tear apart the paper!

Make sure your pup feels all the love on their special day by trying out some of these ideas! 

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