3 Reasons To Hug Your Pet

by | May 9, 2022 | Dogs

Have you hugged your pet lately? It’s proven that snuggling your furry friend actually provides various health benefits. In fact, it helps relieve stress, improves your immune system, and results in a better overall sleep cycle. 

The next time your dog greets you at the front door or your cat cuddles up against your leg, embrace the experience. Whether you’re hugging another human or a beloved pet, hugs help to improve your daily health. It’s important to remember that not all animals like to be hugged, so assess each situation carefully. 

Here are 3 reasons to hug your pet:

Improve Physical Health

Hugging your pet can help release the “feel good” hormone, otherwise known as oxytocin. It’s associated with a strong bond and when a large amount of trust is involved. The release of oxytocin also helps to reduce stress, lower your heart rate, and depress your blood pressure.

Relieve Anxiety & Depression

Daily hugs with your pet not only are the best feeling in the world but also help to relieve feelings of anxiety and depression. The release of dopamine and serotonin can help relieve depression and make you feel happier. Setting aside a few extra minutes each day to cuddle with your pet can help to stimulate positive feelings.

Remain In Touch With Your Pet’s Health

Participating in daily hugs with your pet can also help you stay in tune with their health. Since your pet cannot tell you verbally when something doesn’t feel right, you must be more in touch with your pet’s body. It should be relatively easy to discover a new lump, tender skin, a cut, etc. when you have daily physical contact. 

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