10 Best Dog Breeds for Busy Families With Kids

by | Feb 19, 2021 | Home & Lifestyle

Raising a dog with your family can be a fantastic, life-long investment. Children especially can benefit from learning how to safely play with and care for a dog. So what dog breeds are best suited for busy families with children?

When selecting a pet, you should always consider several factors, including physical space, living arrangements, family schedules, and your financial budget. To help you make this decision, we have put together a list of the top 10 dog breeds for families with kids.

From gentle, toddler-friendly puppies to playful pooches for teenagers, this list is full of fantastic options for your next furry friend!

Labrador Retrievers are easy to train which is a perfect breed for families.

1. Labrador Retriever

Did you know that Labrador Retrievers are amongst the most popular dog breed in the United States? Labs are energetic and outgoing, so they must be exercised daily. But they are also obedient and easy to train, which makes them perfect for all age groups!

If your kids love playing outside, a lab can be the perfect companion. From playing fetch to going on daily walks, this breed will love to be involved in all your family activities.

A Border Collie is known for being smart and loyal.

2. Border Collie

Border Collies are known for being loyal and intelligent but are also considered more high-maintenance dogs due to their work drive. Because they were originally bred to be herding dogs, this breed needs both lots of exercise and mental stimulation. Border Collies would be a great fit for active families who also want to teach their pets lots of fun, impressive tricks!

Border collies are also known for their beautiful long coat that requires weekly brushing. Get your family involved with this maintenance routine that can help your kids learn responsibility while bonding with your pup.

Bulldogs are perfect for families who live in smaller spaces

3. Bulldog

Bulldogs are a wonderful option for busy, social families who live in smaller spaces. Bulldogs tend to be friendly and docile, which means they can adapt to both city and country lifestyles. While they still need regular walks to be happy and healthy, bulldogs can get along with a wide variety of other pets, and they also have short coats that require minimal care.

Bulldogs love a good play session but can also be the ultimate couch potato when the time is right. This makes them good family dogs if you want a pup that is equal parts fun, social, and cuddly.

Irish Setters have high energy and is a perfect breed for kids.

4. Irish Setter

Irish Setters are famous for their reddish coats. They are very extroverted and high-energy dogs, which makes them great for sporty kids or active teens. These dogs need plenty of space to exercise, so they are best suited for larger homes, preferably with a yard.

This breed will love the chance to join you on your daily walks, runs, or hikes. If you’re looking for a well-behaved workout partner, then this breed is a must-have!

Boston Terriers are easy to train and do not shed as much compared to other dogs.

5. Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is nicknamed the “American Gentleman” for a reason. These short-haired “tuxedo” dogs are gentle, easy to train, and have minimal shedding. However, their small size makes them more fragile than larger dogs, so they might not be the best option if you have a rowdy toddler.

This breed is perfect for apartment living, offering a great balance between being playful and still enjoying a lazy day while you work from home. While they don’t need much space to run around, ensure you’re still stimulating your pup with daily walks and playtime.

If you love the look of this breed but want something a little more low-energy for your lifestyle, you might consider a French Bulldog. These dogs are stockier and shorter and usually require a little less exercise to be content.

Newfoundland dogs are known for their patience and their very sweet personality.

6. Newfoundland

Nicknamed the “nanny breed,” these larger dogs are known for being patient, watchful, and protective. Due to their size, they are known for frequent drooling and shedding. But this breed’s sweet personality is sure to woo every member of your extended family, with or without the extra slobber!

Newfoundlands are content lounging with your family, but you should make sure they’re getting enough exercise. Take them for daily walks, or if you live by water, a nice swim! These dogs typically love the water, and it’s a great way for them to exercise while being easy on their joints.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are perfect dog breeds for families due to their calmness and independence.

7. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These elegant dogs are sure to get plenty of “aww”s at family Christmas parties. Cavaliers can be adorable and lively pets but also calm and independent. This makes Cavaliers a versatile breed for families, young and old.

This breed is perfect for taking on your adventures one day and curling up on the couch the next. They’re truly just content being by your side.

Beagles are a great choice for families who want to be first-time pet owners.

8. Beagle

These smaller dogs are also another fantastic option for first-time pet owners. Beagles were originally kept as hunting dogs, so they need plenty of exercise and playtime. If your family loves the great outdoors, then Beagles’ curious personalities will make them a great hiking or walking companion.

This breed is also highly food and scent-motivated. If you play with your pup outdoors, make sure he or she doesn’t get distracted by different smells and wander off. Working on recall and using treats is a great way to keep them safe and stimulated.

Pugs are very charming dogs that are great for children.

9. Pug

Pugs are laid-back, charming dogs. They don’t require a ton of space or exercise, so they can live in larger homes or smaller apartments. Pugs are also known as “velcro dogs” because they are affectionate pets who will follow you everywhere!

This personality trait makes this breed a great fit for children, as they can play with each other all day long. Or, if you’re working from home, pugs make great companions. They will love sitting on your lap or by your feet when you take work calls. Then, make sure to take them on a walk during your lunch break.

Golden Retrievers are active dogs that are also known for showing their affection towards their owners.

10. Golden Retriever

We couldn’t end this list without referencing the American sweetheart. Golden Retrievers love to run, swim, and play fetch. They are easy to care for, but Golden Retrievers do have a double coat, so prepare for a bit of shedding throughout the seasons.

This breed is famous for its patient, affectionate temperament, which makes them a perfect match for kids. Unsurprisingly, these dogs have become such a recognizable and popular breed for busy families across the country!

The best dog breed for your busy family ultimately depends on your lifestyle! If you’re busy playing outdoors and traveling, you might want a high-energy breed that needs lots of exercise. If you’re busy indoors taking care of your small children and working, a smaller breed that’s also content lounging on the couch could be best.

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