Odie Vs. Healthy Paws

Odie is the most competitively priced insurance plan available on the market.

When looking for a pet insurance plan, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the coverage details. Many insurance companies overcharge for added benefits you likely will not use, so you pay more. Odie Pet Insurance was designed by animal health and veterinary medicine experts to provide comprehensive coverage for your pet’s needs without overcharging for bells and whistles – making it the most affordable option. 

Odie emphasizes flexibility in coverage.

Every Odie insurance policy allows pet parents to customize their plans by adding or removing optional benefits, including Office Visits and Exam Fees. While it comes recommended in our base plan, pet parents can remove this benefit so you can see the difference in costs at the onset. Healthy Paws does not offer an option for Exam Fee coverage or reimbursement, so you’ll always be spending out of pocket to have your vet examine your cat or dog.

Odie offers a multi-pet discount.

Odie offers a 5% multi-pet discount when you enroll more than one pet in an Illness & Injury Insurance policy because we think you should be rewarded for having all that love in your life. The discount is automatically added at checkout and applies whether you purchase more than one policy at a time or add one at a later date. Healthy Paws does not offer a discount on any policy when enrolling more than one pet.

All Odie members receive access to 24/7 Televet chat.

With our Televet support, Odie members can chat with a licensed veterinarian anytime – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Members can ask questions, show photos and videos, and determine quickly if and when they need to schedule an appointment. As part of our focus on providing affordable pet care, this option is a must-have for pet parents to avoid unnecessary and costly trips to the vet or emergency care facilities. Healthy Paws does not offer this service, so you may find yourself paying for non-essential vet visits.

Odie offers pet parents the ability to choose from two tiers of routine care coverage.

Wellness plans help reimburse you for routine care items such as annual wellness exams, vaccinations, flea and tick prevention, microchipping, heartworm prevention, and more. These general care items are essential to ensure your pet stays healthy. While not typically included in an insurance policy, many companies, including Odie, offer routine care coverage as an add-on benefit. In fact, Odie offers two tiers so that you can choose the right plan depending on your pet’s age. Healthy Paws does not offer a Wellness plan or reimbursement for preventative and routine care items.

Odie Pet Insurance offers Extensive Dental Coverage

Odie covers endodontic treatment for canine and carnassial teeth as long as your pet is free of any signs of Periodontal disease before the Policy effective date or during the waiting period. All pets, beginning at 3 years of age, must have their teeth cleaned and examined under general anesthesia by a Vet in the thirteen months before the date of service from the Periodontal Disease claim. Healthy Paws dental coverage is limited and will not cover endodontic or orthodontic dental services such as caps, crowns or crown amputation, and fillings.

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