What to Know About Dogs During Thanksgiving

by | Nov 19, 2021 | Dogs

Thanksgiving is soon approaching! It’s such a special time of year to gather friends, family, and more to have a great big feast of all the classic dishes. Typically, there is one family member that is left out in all this fun… your furry companion! Of course, like any holiday there are concerns to keep in mind regarding your dog. Remember to have fun this holiday season, but also take necessary safety precautions. 

Dogs with anxiety

Like most holidays, this is the time to rejoice in the reunion of friends and family. Some dogs enjoy having people in their home, especially if it’s people they have become familiar with. Thanksgiving is a time where we invite extended family over, so your dog may see some unfamiliar faces. If you know that your dog will get anxious with all these new faces, try tiring them out before your guests arrive with some extensive physical activity like a nice long walk! 

Food risks

It can be very tempting to slip your dog food from the table, but it’s important to remember that not all Thanksgiving food is easy for your dog to digest. It’s always good manners and training practice to avoid giving your dog food at the table, especially when it comes to turkey. There is a chemical in the turkey that can make your dog lethargic or ill. Additionally, most of the food served on Thanksgiving contains a large amount of sugar and fat which is not good for your dog to consume.

Engaging activity 

If your dog looks bored during Thanksgiving dinner or starts to bother your guests, try giving them a toy or bone to preoccupy their time. This will ensure that your dog and your guests are enjoying themselves on Thanksgiving.

Pup-friendly dessert

Dogs can partake in the dessert festivities too, as long as they contain safe and nutritional ingredients! Your dog can enjoy pure pumpkin puree, while you serve pumpkin pie to your guests. This allows your guests and dog to have a shared meal together!

Remember to keep these tips in mind in order to have a fun and safe Thanksgiving dinner. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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