Cat Food 101: Wet vs. Dry

By Odie Blog Editors on March 17, 2021

To dry, or not to dry—that is the question! Nutrition is key to having a healthy and happy cat, but with all the pet food options available these days, it can be extremely overwhelming to figure out your cat’s optimal diet. 

One of the biggest choices you need to make for cat food specifically is wet versus dry food. Wet cat food usually comes in small cans, whereas dry food usually comes in a bag full of small pellets. But what exactly are the different nutritional and health benefits of wet versus dry food? 

Wet Food

Dry Food

The Bottom Line

Veterinary science has yet to prove whether wet food or dry food is better for your cat. However, if you’re struggling to decide between the two, you might consider integrating both kinds into your cat’s diet. You might let your cat nibble on dry food during the day, then feed them wet food at night. Or you might mix both canned food and dry pellets together. And always keep their water dish full of fresh, clean water. And remember, you can always talk to your vet if you have any questions about your cat’s specific dietary needs!

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