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10 Pet-Friendly Houseplants That Still Have The Wow Factor

By Odie Blog Editors on February 11, 2022

Indoor plants are a gorgeous way to add some color to your home. However, we all know Odie sometimes has a habit of eating things he’s not supposed to. So, how do you decorate your apartment with greenery and blossoms while keeping a safe environment for your dog or cat?

Unfortunately, many houseplants are toxic for our naturally curious furry friends. That’s not to say all house plants are inherently dangerous to pets, but the reality is that many leaves and even flowers contain toxins that can make dogs and cats sick if ingested. In mild cases, these toxins can give your pet an upset stomach, but in severe cases (and depending on the amount ingested), some plants can make it difficult for your pet to breathe and even lead to death. Luckily, there are plenty of houseplants that are safe for pets so you keep your home a pet-friendly garden oasis!

We’ve put together a list of beautiful pet-friendly houseplants that will still give you place that “wow” factor without compromising your pet’s safety. And the best part is many of these pet-friendly houseplants can be found at your local greenhouse or garden center!

10 Pet-Friendly Houseplants To Consider

#1 Areca Palm

If you love the look of big, beautiful plants in design magazines, you can still get the bold look with the Areca palm. It’s a fantastic looking plant that can give your home a tropical feel and is one of the top purifying plants. And the best part? This is not only one of the best dog-friendly houseplants, but it’s also a great cat-friendly houseplant!

This pet-friendly houseplant is ideal if you have a cat and dog at home.

#2 Dwarf Banana

Another dramatic statement tree for your home or apartment is the Dwarf Musa Banana plant or the Dwarf Cavendish. This pet-friendly houseplant can grow to about 6 feet tall and thrive in warm, low-humidity conditions with a lot of light. While they are non-toxic to animals, their leaves can easily rip so try to discourage pets from gnawing on them.

Remember that even though these houseplants that are safe for pets won’t make your furry family member ill, it’s always best to ensure they’re not eating them since they’re not food.

#3 Spider Plant

Spider plants are easy to care for plants that are pretty adaptable to most home environments. Cats, in particular, seem to go crazy for their long leaves so consider hanging them in a macrame hanger or keeping them in an out-of-reach spot.

These pet-friendly houseplants have a great hanging quality and are relatively hardy.

#4 African Violet

These are some of the most popular houseplants because they require very moderate temperatures and light and only need to be repotted every 6-12 months. Plus, they instantly brighten up a dull area with their wide range of beautiful colors.

If you want to swap some of your toxic flowering plants with something equally bright and beautiful, this pet-friendly houseplant shouldn’t be overlooked.

#5 Boston Fern

Another lovely air purifying plant, the Boston Fern offers a touch of green to areas that get indirect sunlight. They prefer it! As long as you keep the soil moist, not soggy, and in standard room temperature, they’re pretty easy to care for. But again, cats and dogs love the fluffy, long leaves so just keep them from constantly chewing on it or clawing on it (your plant will thank you!).

#6 Haworthia (Zebra Plant)

If you are into bringing succulents into your home, the Haworthia aka Zebra plant is a great go to. They have a very cool, distinct look similar to an aloe plant but aren’t toxic to animals. Haworthia loves bright light, but not direct sunlight, and a pot that allows adequate draining. These pet-friendly houseplants are pretty low-maintenance and are a great way to bring in the succulent aesthetic into your home no matter where you live.

#7 Phalaenopsis Orchids

Phalaenopsis are wonderful pet-friendly houseplants because they are readily available all year round and last a very long time. And, they are absolutely stunning. Getting the watering technique down is a bit of a headache for new orchid owners — but it’s only every 7-10 days, so not a huge deal. Plus, the payoff is one of the most beautiful flowers that you and your family can enjoy!

#8 Cast Iron Plant

Sturdy, hardy, and great for beginners. Cast iron plants bring a lively green color to any room and are virtually impossible to kill. They are great in areas with little light and can survive between 45-85 degrees Fahrenheit. They are a bit slow to grow but they offer so much flexibility it’s worth it to have this pet-friendly houseplant.

#9 Bromeliad

Bring in the tropical vibes to your abode with a Bromeliad plant. Not only are they stunning but they are completely pet-friendly making them a very attractive choice. When these plants reach maturity, they begin to produce offsets called “pups”. Very fitting.

#10 Calathea Rattlesnake (Prayer Plant)

These are some of the coolest looking pet-friendly houseplants around and are incredibly paired with modern furniture. They only require watering every 1-2 weeks and thrive in areas with indirect light. What we love about them is that their leaves raise and lower throughout the day like prayer hands!

See how easy it can be to incorporate pet-friendly houseplants into your home? Houseplants that are safe for pets don’t need to be expensive or boring, and can look just as beautiful, minimalistic, or unique as you want them to be! These dog-friendly and cat-friendly houseplants are just a handful of the greens that are non-toxic for our furry friends, but there are plenty more than you can find through your own research or vet recommendation!

And if your pet ever does ingest a toxic plant (or anything else they shouldn’t be eating), make sure you’re prepared with comprehensive pet insurance.

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