Notice to Mississippi Residents


Underwriter, Producer, Brand Information

Pet health insurance policies are administered by Norse Specialty Insurance Company, Inc. and underwritten by Clear Blue Insurance Company (NAIC # 28860). Plans are marketed and sold by the Agency/Producer listed below and receives compensation based on the premiums for the insurance policies it sells.


Pre-Existing Conditions, as defined under the Definitions section below, are not covered. Other exclusions may apply. Please refer to the exclusions section of the policy (What Is Not Covered) for more information.

Agency/ProducerOdie Pet Insurance Marketing, Inc.

Right to Examine and Return

You have 15 days from the day you receive this policy, certificate, or endorsement to review it and return it to the company if you decide not to keep it. You do not have to tell the company why you are returning it. If you decide not to keep it, simply return it to the company at its administrative office or you may return it to the insurance producer that you bought it from as long as you have not filed a claim. You must return it within 15 days of the day you first received it. The company will refund the full amount of any premium paid within 30 days after it receives the returned policy, certificate, or endorsement. The premium refund will be sent directly to the person who paid it. The policy, certificate, or endorsement will be void as if it had never been issued.

The fastest and easiest way to return your policy is by notifying us in writing through the channels outlined below:
MailOdie Pet Ins Mktg, Inc
29899 Agoura Rd Ste 110
Agoura Hills, CA 91301
Fax(530) 285-4258

Waiting Periods for Unexpected Injuries Only policies

1.    There is no waiting period for accidents.

 Waiting Periods for Unexpected Illnesses and Injuries policies

  1. 3 days following the Policy Effective Date for any Injuries and any related Conditions.
  2. 14 days following the Policy Effective Date for any Illnesses and any related Conditions.
  3. 30 days following the Policy Effective Date for any Cruciate Ligament Events and any related Conditions.
  4. Once met, these Waiting Periods are waived for continuous, uninterrupted policy renewals, including, at our discretion, uninterrupted policy renewals from other pet insurance providers
  5. The waiting periods may be reduced or waived for coverage acquired through preapproved channels where the health of your Pet is certified by a participating veterinarian prior to coverage being purchased. Please refer to the Declaration Page for your Pet’s specific waiting period.

Please refer to the Declaration Page for your Pet’s specific waiting period.

Changes to Your Premium

Determination of Claim Payments

The Company provides coverage to you for the Pet described in the policy and on the policy declaration page for the Actual Cost of Veterinary Treatment for any eligible condition, subject to the terms of the Policy, after the application of the Co-Insurance, minus the Deductible, up to the Annual Limit of the policy.

The formula for determining claims reimbursement is as follows: eligible expenses multiplied by the reimbursement percentage minus the deductible equals the claim payout.


($1,200Total eligible expenses
x 90%)Reimbursement percentage
– $250Remaining annual deductible

Contact Information

AddressOdie Pet Ins Mktg, Inc
29899 Agoura Rd Ste 110
Agoura Hills, CA 91301
Phone(877) 327-0471


  1. PRE-EXISTING CONDITION: A condition for which any of the following are true prior to the effective date of a pet insurance policy or during a waiting period:
    1. A veterinarian provided medical advice regarding the condition;
    2. The pet received previous treatment for the condition; or
    3. Based on information from verifiable sources, the pet had signs or symptoms directly related to the condition for which a claim is being made.