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Pet Insurance

If you’re a new pet owner, you may be wondering if pet insurance is worth it. These days, you can insure just about any pet, in addition to the usual cats and dogs, but instead of worrying about your next big, out-of-pocket expense for a routine or life-saving procedure, you can manage your pet’s care with affordable pet insurance that covers any unexpected accident, injury or illness that befalls your beloved pet.

Here at Odie, we love helping pet owners take care of their pets. With affordable dog insurance and cat insurance options, as well as other options to fit your specific need, Odie pet insurance is easy, straightforward and affordable, so you’ll never be caught high and dry the next time your pet needs help. Call or click to get a quote now and start saving on your next big vet bill.

There are no fees to join and our insurance is available anywhere in the U.S. except in Alaska.

Depending on your plan, a pet insurance policy can cover office visits and exam fees, veterinary procedures, routine care, and prescriptions and medications. And while it won’t cover preexisting conditions, if your pet has an accident, injury or illness, affordable pet insurance will help foot the bill so you don’t have to decide between your pet and your bank account.

And because our affordable pet insurance doesn’t use a benefit schedule, we’ll reimburse a flat percentage of the actual vet bill up to 70, 80 or 90 percent, depending on your plan — up to the plan’s maximum benefit.

Whether you have a pet that’s lived with you for years or you just brought a new furry friend home to help brighten your life, the sooner you enroll, the sooner you and your pet are covered if something should happen. Here at Odie, we allow anyone to enroll a pet that’s at least seven weeks old, so for just-born or younger pets, you’ll have to wait until the cutoff to apply.

If you have an older pet, Odie plans have no upper age limit, so as long as you enroll your pet before they need care, we’ll help you cover the bill. We’ll also cover dental emergencies, including periodontal disease and other dental issues, as long as proper preventative care has been performed.

If your pet’s already sick or injured, it may be too late. As with all pet insurance, pre-existing conditions are not covered, so if a medical illness, injury, or health condition was known prior to you starting a pet insurance plan, your vet bill would not be covered.

However, if you purchase pet insurance and your pet develops diabetes, arthritis, allergies, cancer or heart disease, treatment would be covered under your pet health plan.

For those wondering if you can continue to use your own vet, the answer is yes! With Odie insurance, you can see any licensed veterinarian in the U.S., and there’s no network, schedule of benefits or pre-authorization procedures to worry about. We allow you to see whoever you want, and we’ll even cover visits to specialists and after-hours emergency clinics. 

Keep in mind that you’ll have to wait three days from the active policy date for accidents, 14 days for illnesses and six months for cruciate ligament events and other related conditions, though you can start routine care after just one day. 

Yes! Odie offers a 5% multi-pet discount. This discount is automatically applied at checkout. 

Account Management

View all of your pets’ policies by logging into the Odie portal.


You can request to update your name and/or address through the Odie portal. Please note, an address change may cause a change in your pet’s policy coverage or premium.


  • Downgrades: We are happy to help you lower your premium at any time. Downgrades are a decrease in your Annual limit, removal of a Supplemental Benefit, a decrease in Co-Insurance, e.g. moving from 80% Co-Insurance to 70%, or an increase in your Annual Deductible. You can request a change of this kind at any time, but your future claims will be held to the new lower benefit level.
  • Upgrades: Conversely, you may be eligible to upgrade your policy, but these changes can only be made on your Policy Renewal Date. Upgrades are limited to an increase in Co-Insurance, e.g. moving from 70% Co-Insurance to 80%, or a decrease in your Annual Deductible.
  • New Policy: Adding any Supplemental Benefit or increasing your Annual limit will require that you cancel your current policy and that we issue a new one with new Waiting Periods, a new Policy Effective Date, and a new Policy Renewal Date. Cancelling your current policy and starting a new policy will result in the Pre-Existing Conditions exclusion (see Section 9.A.) being applied at the Policy Effective Date of the new policy. This means that any Condition showing signs or symptoms at the time you request the change or during the Waiting Period will be considered Pre-Existing to the new policy and any related claims will be denied.


You can request a cancellation by logging into the Odie Portal and heading to “Settings”. 



Submitting a claim is simple! Log into the Odie Portal and use our electronic claims upload process to submit your documents within 180 days of treatment. 

You will receive confirmation that you’ve filed a claim with Odie. And we will let you or your vet know if further information is needed. You will receive real-time updates about your claim via our Odie portal. 

We aim to process claims within 5 business days. Time may vary depending on the type of loss and how long it takes to investigate your claim. 

After all the facts have been reviewed and it is determined that your claim is covered by your insurance policy, a check will be issued to your address on file. You can expect to receive a check within 1-2 weeks.

You may have your claims paid directly to the treating Veterinarian if an arrangement to do so exists between us and the treating Veterinarian. Please email us at support@odiepetinsurance.com for details.

You are financially responsible to your Veterinarian for the payment of all fees and costs.


Your billing date is the date of the initial transaction and on the same date of each subsequent month. 

Your Pet’s premium is payable as described on your policy declaration page. You will be automatically charged every month, quarter or year depending on your policy plan.

If we cannot successfully charge your card, you will receive an email notification from us to update your billing information as soon as possible. We will attempt to recharge the card again at a later date. 

If premiums are unpaid, the Company may cancel this policy by sending a notice of cancellation to you at your last known address at least 30 days before the effective date of cancellation. If you fail to make a premium payment before the cancellation date the Company will cancel your policy back to the date to which your premiums were pre-paid.

If the policy is cancelled for non-payment of premiums, we may, at our option, reinstate the policy if we receive the full past due premium, along with a written or verbal request for reinstatement within 15 days after the effective date of cancellation. Cancelled policies for non-payment of premium are subject to underwriting review prior to coverage being reinstated.

The successful payment of your premiums constitutes your acceptance of all terms and conditions contained in this policy.

Your policy will continue until canceled and will renew automatically every year as long as your premium payments are current. If there is a change in your premium, we will notify you in writing by mail or by email (to the last address known to us) at least 30 days before your change takes effect.